Dummy Thommy Mask
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Dummy Thommy Mask

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Dummy Thommy Mask

The creepy horror mask of Dummy Thommy, an old ventriloquist's puppet, that mostly appeared on ladies nights, together with its master. The perfidious puppet master and his little mate Dummy Thommy on these occasions handed out small chocolates filled with potassium cyanide. When the ritch widows had turned blue and died of suffocation he'd sell their precious jewellery and what else they left behind at a fair. The pale, rigid and motionless features with the dark shadows under its eyes make a fantastic Halloween mask that looks good even without any particular costume. In famous horror movies like Dolls and Strangers, rigid and lifeless plastic face masks are used to keep the audience in suspence. With this terrible mask of a maliciously smiling ventriloquist's dummy you simply need to wear your normal clothes or a suit and you're perfectly dressed for the Halloween party. This fantastic face mask is made of plastic and has elastic fasteners attached. Your vision is unobstructed while you are unrecognizable for other party guests.

Material: plastic