Animal Masks

Animal Masks are among the most popular Carnival and fancy dress masks. Get yourself a beastly mask and turn into a party animal.

Animal Masks

Animal masks are among the most popular Carnival and fancy dress masks of all

Get yourself a beastly looking Animal Mask and transform into a party animal! The wearing of animal masks has a long tradition in all nations and cultures.
In ancient times animal masks were used for rituals and celebrations. They were supposed to exorcise evil spirits or  summon good ones. Even today masks of all kinds of animals are used to celebrate and preserve ancient traditions.

Nowadays Animal Masks made of latex are used  for Carnival parties or stage plays. From funny chimp masks to panda masks, a lot of Animal Masks have also been used in music videos and commericals. Animal Masks are particularly popular with children as they look cute and often come with fluffy faux fur details.

Animal Masks are a great way to add the finishing touch to your animal costume and, dressed up as a white tiger or a funny cow, they give you the chance to get a lot of extra cuddles on Carnival. Make your party entrance in a piglet or bear mask and see what  reactions you get. One thing is for sure: Animal Masks are the ultimate party hit!