Neon purple striped tights

Item #: 15234

Neon purple striped tights

Trendy Punk Tights with wide stripes

Not only small Punk and Gothic brats wearing this flashy neon purple striped tights for striped tights in neon green, purple, pink and orange are back in full! Whether Punk, Gothic, Emo, the evil Midnight Spider Witch Gr. 36-38 SM the West or carnival revelers.

The purple neon tights have broad black stripes and purple horizontal stripes and is the hit of every carnival and fancy dress party.Also for Halloween the Neon Tights are striped indispensable as a cool costume accessories.The funky neon striped tights we have also in color Neon orange striped tights and Neon tights striped green available from us.

1 x purple neon striped tights: delivery
  • Color: black, purple
  • Material: 98% nylon, 2% elastane