Super inflatable breasts

Item #: 8801403

"Super Breasts" inflatable

Breast enlargement without pain!

That men prefer large breasts is a long time no longer a rarity.Often they can hardly let her eyes from the curves of a woman and look into each cut.A large bust has always been a sign of femininity and every woman would like to have a bit more in her basket.

When it comes to you just as we have just the thing! With the inflatable "Super Breasts" you get in a jiffy a gigantic bust and will as a sex symbol number 1!
But not only women can get the fake breasts down-even for the travesty Sow is the fantastic breasts perfectly suited! The super breasts made entirely of plastic and we closed with a rubber band towards the back.Thus, the breasts can not slip down there are additional carrier also made of transparent plastic.
Each breast is individually inflated by mouth-the mouthpiece therefore also serves as a fitting replacement.
If you still need the right outfit to could you imagine the Red Lady Costume or Marilyn Monroe Costume Fetch! This fits wonderfully the inflatable "Super Breasts"

  • Material : Plastic transparent
  • Rubber band to close the back
  • Additional support for holding the breasts
  • Sold individually inflatable breasts
  • Mouthpiece also serves as a nipple