Fawn Lying Down

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Fawn Lying Down

Bambi is in a Christmassy mood...

The fawn from the Disney film is famous all over the world and every Christmas its story enchants lots of children and adults. This is why Bambi makes as perfectly lovely Christmas decoration!

The fawn is lying down and wears a red hat and lovely red leg warmers to protect it from the cold. Around the neck it wears a golden necklace with a blue, heart-shaped pendant with a winter flower detail. Just like the real Bambi it is fawn brown with small white dots. The decorative baby deer is approx. 13 cm high and 15 cm long.
Create a beautiful winter scenery for your fawn with some Instant Snow 84 g and our Mini Fairy Lights 35 Bulbs !

Additional information on the Fawn Lying Down:

  • Height: 13 cm, length: 15 cm
  • Fawn with red hat, red leg warmers and necklace
  • Fawn brown fur with white dots