The perfect section for all Christmas fans! Make Christmas and all the festivities look really festive with our horrible Santa Claus, the lascivious sexy elf and terrifying Christmas presents! You are guaranteed the Joyous Season will be frightful fun!

Deadly Christmas

Deadly Christmas is the section that does justice to the classic horror film Silent Night, Deadly Night

Deadly Christmas is the right section for all Christmas haters to make Christmas and all the sanctimonious festivities look really nasty. Horrible Santa Claus, the lascivious sexy elf and terribly beautiful Christmas presents will make the Joyous Season go down the drain. With our anti-Christmas articles it's easy to poke fun at the usual Christmas celebrations. But don't worry, we don't take our anti-Christmas stuff too serious and have lovely angel wings, Santa Claus costumes and the traditional cuddly red Santa hat in stock, too. Our Deadly Christmas is all about Advent, Christmas, Father Christmas and Santa Claus parties.

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