Trick or Treat Bucket 12 St.

Item #: 18062

Trick or Treat Bucket 12 St.

Atmospheric sweets Behältniss for Halloween

Our Trick or Treat Bucket are the perfect Halloween accessory.Those who prefer to trick or treat and gather sweets, needs this Trick or Treat bucket to safely store their Halloween candy ,

The square pumpkin basket in the Halloween colors look like small bags and can be used as a Halloween table decorations for small gifts.The Trick or Treat Bucket Halloween your guests have a great joy, because the pumpkin containers are made of plastic and therefore usable again.More Trick or Treat items are our Mini Ghost Eyes Baskets 12PCS and Trick or Treat Bag Cat Design That you can also buy here in our Horror Shop and thus make your Halloween party a real highlight.Now you are missing the trick or treat bucket only the matching Halloween Sweets like our Colorful monster Lollys ,

  • Content: 12 pieces
  • Dimensions per bucket: 7 x 5 x 3.5 cm
  • Material: plastic