Gift Flacon red LED

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Gift Flacon red LED

What would Halloweeny without poison mixed witches, evil magician and powerful wizard?

To brew of poisonous potions and deadly witch's brew the Army of Darkness requires several ingredients.The red poison Flacon could thus contain all sorts, ranging from bat's blood and saliva corpse, but also toads venom and spider leg.And because the red poison bottle lights up momentarily, it reveals thus his secret.The heart of a bat is trapped in it and would be its owner apparently Vampiric origin.

The poison Flacon is not only ideal to decorate your Halloween table decoration, but also for checking a curse occupied bathroom up to the creepy people in the already Linda Blair's cracked as Bessensene before exorcists.Suitable for a managed horrible table decoration would be frayed Freaky Fabric Beige Deconet . Cobweb 40gr white. and the Fragrance Oil Dungeon from the horror small bottle of poison is blood red, to turn on the poison bottle lights up and it appears a bat.

  • Material: Plastic
  • LED lighting
  • Batteries included.