Hanging Skull Clown

Item #: 16641

Hanging Skull Clown

Skull Clown as a hanging decoration

Need to decorate on Halloween is intrinsically small figures like the hanging skull clown.There are in our Halloween Gore Store a huge variety of creepy characters in order to plan a perfect horror event.The small hanging Skull Clown in the form of a nasty Totentschädels with clown nose is a cheap and nevertheless effect full Halloween decoration items to hang or as fancy Halloween table decorations.

The Hanging Skull Clown is made of plastic and is decorated with colorful scraps of gauze.Super Halloween and horror decorations and souvenirs at a low price.The Horror Clown can be combined with additional Cobweb 40gr white. and Decoration Moss 125g pimp.

  • 1 x Hanging Skull Clown
  • Skull size approx8cm