Rusty Iron Chain Plastic

Item #: 19622

 Rusty Iron Chain Plastic

This prisoner needs to be enchained!

This Rusty Iron Chain is a funny accessory for stag parties! With this plastic chain around his chest, the groom-to-be will get an idea of life-long imprisonment. But the iron look chain is also a perfect decoration for dungeons, haunted houses or prison cells.

The Rusty Iron Chain is made of 27 chain links. It is approx. 180 cm long. Some parts are metal-coloured, but most of the chain is a rusty brown-grey. Best wear our Convict Costume Jailbird or the convict Costume if you want to look like hardened criminal.

  • Material: plastic
  • Colour: grey
  • Size: chain is approx. 180 cm long, chain links are approx. 11 cm each,

Please note: This is only a decoration, not a toy!