Cobwebs curtain with spiders

Item #: 16691

Cobwebs curtain with spiders

Evocative cobweb decoration

The brilliant cobwebs curtain is the perfect decoration idea for your Halloween or horror party.The cool cobwebs curtain ensures the perfect creepy mood on your windows and icky spiders abseil from him worry with so many goose bumps.

The creepy cobwebs curtain is about240 cm wide and in zigzag pattern cut, what a realistic cobwebs look underlines.The funny cobwebs curtain makes in combination with Steinwand film and Cobweb 40gr white. your home the perfect Halloween and horror vault backdrop.More great horror decorations, check out our Horror Shop.

1 x cobwebs curtain with spiders

  • Size: approx. 240 cm
  • Material: 100% Polyester