Partymix candy bucket 250 gr

Item #: 21458

Partymix candy bucket 250 gr

Yummy candy party mix with 50 candy for your Halloween party

As the little tots are amazed if you do brimming Party Mix candy pail are holding ready for Halloween.The filled with delicious candy candy mixture contains 50 different parts and each child is determined a treat.The Cool & Sweets party mix is ??the perfect blend of small treats for children's birthday parties, Halloween parties and carnivals as caramel.

The Party Mix candy pail various chewing gum, colorful lollipops, Schleck powder and dextrose are included for snacking.The Cool & Sweets Partymix is ??located in a convenient bucket with handle, can be resealed and easy to transport.By Cool & Sweets Partymix all with a sweet tooth will have their Halloween fun and you do not before saying "Trick or treat!" Fear.The matching candy dish for all the candies would ensure, for example, the Scary Candy Bowl grappling hand

  • Scope of delivery: 1x Partymix candy bucket
  • Content: 50 pieces
  • Weight: 250g.