Black Halloween Spider 116cm

Item #: 16697

Black Halloween Spider 116cm

Hairy Halloween Spider for atmospheric Gruseldeko

Large, hairy black spider to decorate for Halloween and horror party.The menacing eight-legged friends is the perfect eye catcher for walls, tables or ceiling decoration.The big black spider has fexible legs that can be rotated and bent in any direction, and is the ideal decorative object for the creepy mood.

The monster hairy spider has red eyes, a large chewing organ and eight hairy legs.In combination with Cobweb 40gr white. . Cobwebs Spray and our Cobwebs victims LED eyes you be able to create your own horror movie or haunted flair! The diameter of the finished prepared spider is about116 cm.

Package included: 1 x Black Spider medium

  • Color: Black
  • Size: ca.116cm