Saw Leg Body Part
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Saw Leg Body Part

Item #: 15503

Saw Leg Body Part

Super sadistic serial killer John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, in US movie hit SAW is always relying in the utmost brutality to torture his victims. It is inevitable that the unfortunates eventualy lose a body part in the procedure. A SAW or Hostel sequel without cut-off body parts is absolutely unthinkable. This leg has been removed above the knee. It is super realistically painted in the natural colours of dead extremities: pale, purple / blue / grey. The SAW Leg Body Part is life size and made of foam filled latex. What would a killer be without his murder tools like a giant Torture Razor, the Torture Bone or a Bloody butcher knife.

Size: 65cm x 22cm

Material: latex

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