Gift Flacon blue LED

Item #: 16623

blue LED Gift Flacon

Apothekerflasche for poison mixed witches, evil magician and power full Magician

The army of darkness required despite full moon, of course, diverse ingredients umd thus be able to produce nasty witch's brew and lethal potion.The Blue Poison Flacon leaves nothing good guess and probably consists of Krötenpisse and Spinnenpfurz.On closer Betrachent the blue poison Flacon lights up and then revealed his secret.Small skull trapped in toxic Flacon and want to be freed from you as a good spirit.

The poison Flacon is super to decorate the Halloween table decoration, over the finished bathroom with a curse up to the ghostly bedroom where Linda Blair already has haunted the exorcist.Pasend for a successful and creepy table decoration would be to our Freaky Fabric Beige Deconet . Cobweb 40gr white. And our Fragrance Oil Dungeon ,The original color of poison Flacon is deep blue, to turn the 2er AA batteries the inside of the bottle and lit it appear small Skull Glow Small ,

  • Material: Plastic
  • LED beleuchted
  • Batteries included.