Eyeless Standing Prop Animatronic

Item #: 19621

Eyeless Standing Prop Animatronic

The revenge of the eyeless lady skeleton- a super spooky decoration!

When the lord of the castle returned from his journey, he heard rumours about his wife being unfaithful. But he wanted to be sure, so he pretended to go abroad once more. The evening after his departure, he secretly returned to the castle and went to his wife's chambers. When he caught her red-handed in the arms of the stable-lad, he cut her eyes out - beside himself with rage. Dressed in black as she was, he had her mured in her very chamber. The years went by and one day the door of the master's chamber opened and his dead wife, clad in black rags, entered the room.  She looked at him from  black eye-sockets, waved at him to follow her and disappeared. The lord cried out in terror, took one last breath and dropped dead on the floor.

This amazing animated standing prop wears a black robe and grey, gauze tatters. The eyeless creature holds a lantern in the right hand and one of the cut out eyes in the left. The eye is connected to the socket with a gauze strip. An umbrella like base prevents the prop from falling over. Just open the umbrella and you animatronic will be stable. The prop features an on and off switch in chest height. when activated, the skeleton starts to howl and shake and the eye socket and eye ball light up red. Match this cool animated Halloween prop with our Walking Ghost Animatronic or some Slithering eyeballs !

Product information:

  • Animated standiong prop (the included batteries are for testing purposes only!)
  • A cool and rather noisy decoration for Halloween and horror parties
  • LED eyes
  • Size approx. 61 cm, diameter approx. 27 cm