Party Picks Party Frills 100 PCS
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Party Picks Party Frills 100 PCS

Item #: 8800066

Party Picks Party Frills 100 PCS

These colourful party frills make perfect party picks for buffets at birthday parties, New Year's Eve events and lots of other occasions. 

The glittering cellophane party frills are what you need to decorate cheese platters, appetizers and canapés.

The party picks can be used for all sorts of party occasions. Use them as toothpicks for a stag party or use them to arrange some appetizers.
The decorative partysticks come in packs of 100 and feature colourfed cellophane frill on the top end. have a look at more cool party accessories like the  Cocktail Sticks France 50 PCS and the Cocktail Sticks Austria 50 PCSin our shop!