Voice Changer / Voice Changer
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Voice Changer / Voice Changer

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Voice Changer / Voice Changer

The Halloween Voice Changer transforms your voice for voice Monster

The horror film Scream made the swozzle as scary costume accessory to a worldwide smash hit! The famous, infamous serial killer with the black Scream Costume and terrifying horror mask used in addition to a Voice Changer terrorizing his victims.This battery-powered Voice Changer you can post distort your voice beyond recognition and thus imitate the famous Scream Sound.

The Scream Voice Changer is particularly good if you hide the mic at a Halloween mask invisible or you can use the Voice Changer As joke, you ever just phoning your teacher's home on the phone !!! As a true fan of the Scream Voice Changer to each should Scream Costume and Mask or Original Scream Mask be combined.

  • Package included: 1 x Stimmerverzerrer / Voice Changer
  • Cool Voice Changer as Costume Accessories
  • Batteries not included.

Are you bored of all the typical Halloween and carnival costumes and tricks? Search for a costume this year, an idea or an accessory to scare your friends or surprise?

We know how difficult it can be to have a new, creative idea for Halloween or carnival.We encourage you to voice changer, which lets you distort your voice beyond recognition! The Voice Changer is the perfect accessory for any creepy costume with long, loose-fitting clothes, under which you can hide the voice changer.With this extreme transformation of your friends will really have no idea who is hiding behind the costume!