Latex Noses

Buy latex nose appliances for your special effect make-up online and do your own professional Hollywood makeup.

Latex Noses

Latex Nose Appliances for special makeup effects

With a Latex Nose you can turn yourself into a character that would not be recognizable or would not look authentic without the characteristic nose. Often an otherwise good look-alike makeup lacks the special physical characteristic of a particular person. The nose is the most important characteristic of the human face. Latex Nose Appliances make it easy to create special makeups like a professional makeup artist and to provide yourself with a distinctive nose.

Apply a Latex Nose

Most Latex Noses have to be applied using spirit gum or Mastix, after which the edges of the latex appliance and skin have to be assimilated with theatrical makeup or normal make-up. A Latex Nose is easy to remove after use and can be reused several times when handled with care. Breathing while wearing a Latex Nose is no problem either. With a pair of nail scissors you can cut nostril holes into the Latex Nose Appliance or enlarge already existing nostril holes in case they seem too small.

Latex Noses for different characters

There are lots of different types of Latex Noses which, depending on their size and shape cause laughter, fear or amazement. How about a classic, red clown nose or the famous nose of Pinocchio which grows longer and longer when you tell a lie? Our selection of Latex Noses includes classic crooked witch noses as well as horribly deformed zombie noses, knobbly goblin noses or scary monster noses. Just start looking at noses and you will find out that there is an incredible amount of different shapes.

Latex Noses for casualty simulation

There are lots of other occasions where Latex Noses might come in handy. One of them are casualty simulations. Casualty simulations are used to train soldiers, firemen or paramedics. Injuries of accidents or catastrophic scenarios are simulated using  makeup and latex appliances. The drastic simulation of broken noses, head injuries and bleeding wounds issupposed to prepare future soldiers of hospital personnel for their jobs. Latex noses can be useful to make the simulations look as authentic as possible.

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