Horror Teeth

Here you will find a cool selection of scary zombie, werewolf and monster teeth and dentures! Horror Teeth at their best at the Horror Shop!

Horror Teeth

Realistic looking teeth and dentures for Halloween and horror costumes

You have decided to turn yourself into a zombie for the Zombie Walk or into a gruesome serial killer or werewolf for Halloween? You have found the right costume but you are missing the last piece to make your wicked look perfect: a cool set of Horror Teeth - the kind that are used by professional mask makers in Hollywood!

Perfect fit for your fake dentures

Most Horror Teeth are made of acrylic and have to be applied to your own teeth by means of a two-component silicon putty. They look close to the real thing and are therefore perfect to play undead creatures, vampires, werewolves and other sinister characters.  

Discover our revolting dentures in our world of Horror Teeth!
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