Make Up & Mastic Remover

Make Up & Mastic Remover

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Make Up & Mastic Remover

Made skin adhesive and cosmetic make-up removal easy

Make Up u.Mastic Remover for skin glue and gently remove grease paint. Funny Carnival Make Up or scary Halloween make-up should be after the party can be removed without problems Enlarged and time.With Make Up and Mastix Remover, the make-up removal can be simplified drastically and save a lot of time.

The Make Up & Mastic Remover is ideal for well-adhering Clown Make Up Stack to remove or skin glue residue.The damaged skin is cleaned by special Zustze on caring manner.

  • Great for removing make-up and skin hartnckigem of adhesives
  • Contents: 30 ml,

A test for allergic skin reaction in the crook of your arm is recommended because the adhesive skin can lead to sensitive skin redness temporrer.If you do, the test in the crook of your arm to show a severe redness, we do not recommend the use of skin adhesive.