Feather Eyelashes Black and Blue

Item #: 16057

Black and Blue Feather Eyelashes

You do not need to exercise if you want to flutter your eyes convincingly, just get a pair of extra long false eyelashes like our Feather Eyelashes Black and Blue. With this coloured eyecatchers and some sexy carnival makeup, all the men will be at your feet. These Feather Eyelashes Black and Blue will help you create a fantastic eye makeup and add the finishing touches to carnival and Halloween costumes and accessorieslike our Romantic Lolita Teenager Costume and the Glitter blue fingernails. Simply apply the synthetic lashes to your eyelids by means of the included eyelash adhesive. Check out these cool Feather Eyelashes Black and Blue, more false eyelashes and the great selection of Halloween and carnival make up in our Horror Shop!

Contains 2 Eyelashes and eylash adhesive

Material: synthetic hair