Contact lenses demon

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Contact lenses demon

The demon contact lenses are the perfect costume accessory to add the finishing touches to your nasty devil and demons costume.The fashion lenses are great as a costume accessory for Halloween and carnival as well as for going out to parties and concerts if you ever need just a different eye color.

The demon contact lenses are easy to use and comfortable to wear and give each panel and any horror effect that certain something.Various designs and colors of the cool design contact lenses are not just for Halloween and carnival a big hit, but they can also be found at concerts, Larp events and in the visual kei and gothic scene its use and there are very popular.

Content: includes two high quality soft contact lenses without prescription.
Multiple use: the lenses are designed for daily use for 3 months.

Please note: For cleaning and storage you need in any case Contact lenses liquid and a storage case to keep the lenses from drying out and damage - so order the best same with us.

Material: 58% Hefilcon A, 42% H2O

Warning: Prior to the first use of the contact lenses exactly the instructions for the use of contact lenses should be studied in general.In open questions or the least uncertainty in dealing with the contact lenses of the competent optometrist or ophthalmologist should be consulted in any case.When completely inexperienced customers without prior technical knowledge in handling contact lenses, we recommend the use of contact lenses from!
We recommend a maximum wearing time of 8 hoursdaily.
Not suitable for children under 16 years..