Halloween Makeup and Carnival Makeup

In this section you will find carnival, Halloween and theatre make-up as well as special effects like FX blood, blood gel, blood capsules, mouth blood, nose putty, tooth fx and latex wounds.
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Spezial Make Up and Theatre Make Up

Any good Halloween or carnival outfit needs an individual touch that can not be obtained by means of a mask, costume or accessories. You need proper Halloween Make Up and Carnival Make Up to turn your costume into something creepy, revolting or adorable, but more than anything into something fancy.

Make your unique idea of a Halloween or Carnival costume come true with our big selection of Halloween Make Up and Carnival Make Up! We offer a great choice of special make-up for your face and body. So it is easy to turn into a bloody vampire, brutal zombie or crazy witch. Fancy, sexy or something a little more extravagant? No problem at all with our Halloween Make Up and Carnival Make Up.Try one of our real hair beards and not even your best friends will recognize you! Or do you prefer a classic Halloween look? Check out our selection of fake blood, liquid latex or our wound tattoos!

In the Halloween Make Up and Carnival Make Up section you'll find anything you need to do a good Halloween and horror make-up! Professional carnival make-up, gory Halloween make-up and special stage make-up are part of our product range and we also stock special effect make-up like FX Blood, Blood Gel, Blood Capsules, Nose Putty, Tooth FX and wound appliances for casualty simulations and the re-enactment of accidents.