Cyberlox Red

Item #: 660015

Cyberlox Red

Hot party nights with these cyberlox in aggressive red!

These cool red cyberlox will make your cyber outfit look perfect. Cyberlox are a mega popular accessory in the cyber scene and they adorn the heads of many passionate cyber freaks. A few foamies or dreads will make your cyberlox falls look extra cool.

The Cyberlox Red are a cool cyber hairpiece in black and metallic red. The hairpiece includes a double set of cyberlox falls which can be worn as one big hairpiece or as two falls, one on each side. The Cyberlox Red are the perfect accessory for all cyber goths who want to highlight their outfit or add a little variety to the ususal dread wool falls. Add the finishing touch to your cyber outfit with these great Cyberlox Red and get ready for upcoming party nights and gothic festivals like the Mera Luna or the WGT.

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