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Officially licensed masks of Amerian cult band Slipknot from Iowa

Startling U.S. nu metal band Slipknot has always been the subject of controversities. Their first demo "Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat." which was was released in 1996, did not lead to much interest from record labels. Their hard sound - a mix between hardcore metal, hip hop, death metal and archaic beats - was simply too much for most American radio stations.

Controversial lyrics and extravant stage effects

Apart from their aggressive sound, the band is known for their extravagant stage appearances. From early days on the band members have performed wearing specially designed masks that can easily compete with any horror film mask. Every mask reflects the character of its wearer and is related to a personal experience of the respective band member. Even their sometimes rather extreme lyrics have frequently been the subject of controversities and censorship. Some Slipknot lyrics have been associated with school shootings, even though the band strictly distanced themselves from the accusations and expressed their condolences to the bereaved.

Slipknot masks are cult

Over the years Slipknot masks have become super popular and not only with Slipknot fans. You can see Slipknot masks at Halloween parties, metal festivals, and - naturally - at Slipknot concerts. As there are always new mask designs - especially when a new musician joins the band - there is no danger of Slipknot masks ever becoming boring!
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