Zombie Costume Dept.

Item #: 16300

Zombie Costume Dept.

Dark Middle Ages Costumes fascinating still

Dark knights, witches Sabbath and burning of witches, monks celebrate the mysterious dark in monasteries.Until the Black Death killed him, the monk was on the board and abbot of the nearby monastery.A hungry crowd of zombies and Hairy Disgusting Rat had brought into the country the plague.Up in the monastery the bloodthirsty rodents and the army of the undead invaded.So the monks had not imagined the resurrection of the flesh.Infected and resurrected as a zombie now also quenches the zombie abbot his appetite at the altar and the old nuns in the chapel, let their blood-filled veins also forfeited him into a murderous frenzy.

The unusual zombie monk costume includes the tattered Möchskutte, separate hood with collar and stole with golden crosses, all killed by the army of zombies and partially blutgesudelt.In keeping with the Zombie Costume Dept., a classic for Halloween and horror events, you'll find Zombie Contact Lenses White . Aqua Color Grey 30ml for the unhealthy complexion and Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml for the appropriate splatter effect.

  • Size: ML size, fit up to a size of ca.185 and ca.90 kg
  • Dimensional: Chest approx112 cm, waist circumference ca.135cm, length approx Costume145 cm
  • Material: 100% Viscose