Predator Deluxe costume

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Predator Deluxe costume

Original, licensed Predator costume from the famous sci-fi movie

The American director John McTiernan turned in 1987 the exciting science fiction film "Predator".The main role was played by none other than Action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger.This applies as a member of a special unit in the jungles of Central Africa to the eerie Predator, which makes the fighting machine hunting people.The figure of the Predator in fan circles reached a unique status.Our Predator Deluxe costume you can completely transform you into a copy of the alien hunter.

The original licensed Predator Deluxe costume includes jumpsuit, breastplate, shoulder arm and leg-protectors and belts, hands and Predator mask.The authentic science fiction look makes you the star at any Halloween party.According to the topic, we also have the Alien Mask Vinyl Small and the Cyberskull made of Polyresin Releases.

  • Delivery: 1 x Predator Deluxe costume consisting of jumpsuit, breastplate, arms and legs-muffs as well as belts, hands and mask
  • Color: silver / beige
  • Size: 42/44
  • Material: 100% polyester, Panzer: EVA