Edward Scissorhands Costume DLX

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Edward Scissorhands Costume DLX

7-piece Edward Scissorhands as noble Tim Burton luxury carnival costume

The story of Edward, an artificially created humans.Its inventor dies before he can begin his hands and Edward as Edward has stattdesen apparatuses consisting of sharp scissors.The touching movie hero is quickly becoming the favorite of women, because he knows how to make not only the gardens of noble ladies, but to provide them with the latest fashion hairstyles.The film Edward Scissorhands is one of the most famous works of the director Tim Burton in the Johnny Depp starring.The fantastic film has also been awarded for the great makeup of Edward.

The high-quality and luxurious Edward Scissorhands costume is 7 pieces and consists of the trimmed in antique jacket, trousers, boots gaiters, the famous Scissorhands, belt, black Strubelperücke and the matching Edward Make Up Set! A truly incredible costume hire quality! The Edward Scissorhands Gloves are like the Edward Scissorhands Wig already included!

  • 1 x 7-piece Edward Scissorhands costume Deluxe
  • Content: jacket, pants, boot covers, belt, scissors gloves, wig, Make Up Set
  • Material: 100% polyester costume, gloves, plastic, synthetic hair wig 100%
  • Size: M / Jacket Size 48/50