Dr. Killer Driller Child Costume L

Item #: 16304 L

Dr.Killer Driller Child Costume L

Dress up for Halloween as a mad doctor from the horror laboratory

Dr.Killer Driller is the mad professor who already Dr.Frankenstein as helpers served when he created his monster.disguise yourself to Halloween as crazed doctor who makes experiments with zombies, monsters and strange creatures in his laboratory.by Dr.Killer Driller Child Costume you are best dressed for Halloween and many a Frankenstein Monster will recognize you as its creator.

The Halloween costume of Dr.Killer Driller consists of a white doctor's coat with dental instruments made of plastic in a shirt pocket and the ingenious bald wig with graying hair ring.The eye-catcher is the included huge magnifying glass, which can be attached to the headband.To accompany the crazy doctors were still our Madhouse clothing costume and the Hannibal muzzle Economy ,Pants, latex gloves and big drill not incl.

  • Size: L 8-10 years
  • Material: 100% Polyester