US prisoner costume L

Item #: 16811 L

US prisoner costume L

Jail costume for kids with muzzle and handcuff

Even though you Halloween and Carnival in prisoner jumpsuit celebrate like we have the brilliant US prisoner costume for you in our assortment. With this disguise you become the most wanted criminals in the city!

The US prisoner costume consists of the orange prison jumpsuit, the printed front and back with the lettering Cell Block Psycho, so that everyone in prison knows who he's dealing with.The corresponding bite block, the already Hannibal has worn, and the handcuffs complete the costume of homicidal criminal.Even adults can use the Convict Costume Jailbird and Sexy Convict Costume go celebrate in criminal look.

1 x US prisoner costume consisting of L
- 1 x Jumpsuit
- 1 x Mask
- 1 x handcuffs
  • Color: orange
  • Size: M - equivalent to 152/170
  • Material: Overall: 100% polyester; Mask: Vinyl; Handcuffs: Metal