Psycho Sushi Chef Child Costume M

Item #: 16313 M

Psycho Sushi Chef Kids Costume M

Japanese sushi restaurants have become more and more popular and as a consequence in many places sushi and sashimi have been turned into cheap fast food. This certainly drives some proper sushi chefs up the wall. The Japanese master chef is seriously upset and feels an urge to kill! He has sharpened his Japanese knife and, completely burned out and gone totally bananas, he only prepares sushi with poisonous blowfish. Then he serves the lethal dish with some tasty potassium cyanide soy sauce. With this super trendy and up to date Psycho Sushi Chef Kids Costume  you will be the star among the high society Halloween party guests and you can take on everyone of the sleazy tv chef who occupy all the channels. The Psycho Sushi Chef Kids Costume consists of a long sleeve black kimono style cook jacket with red hems on sleeves and collar and a high red and black chef's hat with Psycho Sushi Chef print. The crazy serial killer and head chef costume set also containes a fake bloody knife and a sushi roll with a finger and an eyeball. In case you need more dishes for you kitchen crew, we recommend the Rotten Meat Dessert Plate and a Bloody Latex Heart. Black trousers and t shirt are not included!

Size M for 5 to 7 year olds

Material: 100% polyester