Girly Devil Child Costume Size M

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Girly Devil Child Costume Size M

Sweet Devil Costumes for Kids

When there's not enough room in hell or when daddy devil is in a bad mood he sends his little red rascals up to earth to play. You can imagine that the little horned devils are only up to mischief. On Halloween and carnival the little horned monsters pass unnoticed and nobody disturbs them while they plan their next practical joke.

The friendly red Girly Devil Child Costume consists of a long red velvet dress with a tattered front and a red devil tail in the back. The long tattered trumpet sleeves and the fluffy collar, the red choker and the devilish cool Alice band with horns make this outfit one hell of a carnival and Halloween costume for cheeky little girls. Wear it with Aqua Color Red 30mland a Devil Pitchfork Red 168 cm and you'll pass for a proper limb of satan and woe betide the neighbour who doesn't have his Halloween sweets ready!

  • Size M for 5-7 year-olds
  • Material: 100% polyester