Girl Leprechaun Toddler Costume L 3 to 4 Years

Item #: 16806 L

Girl Leprechaun Toddler Costume Size L

Just like St. Patrick's Day with its Europe-wide increasing popularity, the tradition of celebrating Halloween origins in Ireland. It's hard to believe that people in Ireland absolutely love to celebrate if one thinks of the rather crabby leprechauns that haunt this green and pleasant land. The Irish goblin, best known as leprechaun, is a quite bad-tempered fairy tale creature. Unlike other legendary beings this goblin is rather shy and solitary and avoids contact with humans. It is well known that they have heaps of gold buried at the bottom of the rainbow and they have the magic ability to communicate with other supernatural creatures like elves and unicorns. Our little girl leprechaun likes to wear a cute dress with a matching Irish green jacket and white lace trimmings. The classic high green leprechaun hat, a belt and a bow are also included in the costume set. As a special feature there's also a small golden cauldron that comes with the costume.

Material: 100% polyester, Size L 3 to 4 Years