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Men's Executioner Costume

If you want to be a headsman you need to have brains

Before the invention of the guillotine, the executioner had to do the dirty work himself. Headsmen were usually strong men who hid their faces under black hoods to avoid being recognized. Executions carried out with an axe often took their time and were quite messy. This is why Henry VIII, as an act of mercy, had his ex wives executed with a sword. With this deathsman costume you too can turn yourself into a sinister executioner.

The Men's Executioner Costume inlcudes the tunic, pants, collar with attached hood, belt and arm cuffs. All parts of the costume set are black. The short-sleeve tunic is knee length. The collar with hood has to be worn over the tunic. Tunic and collar feature medieval style dagged hemlines. The dagged edge of the collar comes with silver tone metal studs. The black pants have an elasticated waistband. The faux leather wrist cuffs feature silver tone metal studs and the faux leather belt comes with a metal buckle. A ancient Kriegeraxt and a Big Two-Handed Sword are the tools you need. In case of emergencies a Torture Bone might come in handy.

  • Includes: tunic, pants, collar with attached hood, belt and arm cuffs
  • Colour: black
  • Material: 100% polyester, faux leather
  • Size: one size
  • Measurements: waist approx. 66 cm, total length tunic approx. 115 cm, leg length approx. 85 cm, total length pants approx. 112 cm