Esmeralda Premium Costume XL

Item #: 16005 XL

Esmeralda Premium Costume.XL

The Esmeralda is a Premium Costume Carnival and Halloween costume and have a pretty fortune teller.The flamboyant Esmeralda Premium costume in size XL consists of a short dress with attached black bustier which releases the views of the blouse with Carmen-neck.

The short, velvet-like multi-layer skirt Esmeralda Premium Costume is decorated in burgundy and exciting is of a purple loincloth, which is printed with golden crescents and stars, plays around.In the same style as the loincloth and the headscarf is held.Bracelets and crystal not Article condition in the package.With the Enchanting Witch Premium Costume XL and the Midnight Witch Gr. XL 42-44 it follows to a charming trio.

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: XL corresponds 40-42