Velvet Satin Cape Deluxe Purple

Item #: 15966

Velvet Satin Cape Deluxe Purple

Bent noblemen and evil witches, wizards and deadly vampires, what better costume accessory could they wish for than this hooded black full-length velvet cape with purple satin lining? Match it with a Dracula Wig Vlad and turn into a witch or  wear our Fangs / Scarecrow Fangs and become a bloodsucker. Our Zombie Contact Lenses White look even creepier when matched with this great Velvet and Satin Cape Deluxe Purple. This black cloak is a must have for all horror and gothic fans.

Size: one size

Material: 100% polyester, length from shoulder 160cm

Costumes from the Premium Collection are first-class workmanship. Fabrics are of better quality and heavier than the fabrics usually used for fancy dress costumes. Fabrics like velvet, artificial silk, chiffon, brocade, tricot and lace are used to make these costumes. Often they are richly decorated with embroideries or trimmings. Most costumes also have proper zip-up and and button closures.