Dr. Shots Docor Costume Plus Size

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Dr. Shots Docor Costume Plus Size

The perfect costume for all fans of alternative methods of treatment!

Dr Shots starts his consultation hours at 21.00 and he surely does not waste the alcohol in his medical cabinet  to desinfect wounds! Moast of the patients who come to his practice show symptoms of tremor and strong thirst. Luckily the popular practitioner has his stethoscope and a few syringes filled with a thirst-quenching liquor always ready at hand. The Dr. Shots Docor Costume Plus Size is the perfect fancy dress for men who do care for their fellow men.

The doctor outfit includes the coat, four plastic syringes, a mask and stethoscope. The lab coat features a velcro closure and the words 'Dr. Shots-Chief of Intoxication' printed on the chest pocket. The plastic syringes can be stored in four loops attached to the doctor coat, so they are close at hand in case of emergencies. Fill them with kind of booze you like! With the stethoscope around your neck and the mask on your mouth you will look like a real doctor. get the  Sexy Nurses Costume for your lady and make a great couples entrance!

The costume set includes: 1 doctor coat, 4 syringes, 1 mask and 1 stethoscope

Material: doctor coat and mask: 100 % polyester, syringes and stehoscope: 100 % plastic

Measurements: length: approx. 105 cm, shoulder length: approx. 64 cm, sleeve length: approx. 60 cm