Pirate Dog Costume
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Pirate Dog Costume

Item #: 22625

Pirate Dog Costume

Captain Bello on a larger privateering

After a night you find yourself back on your ship and dare your eyes: a dog in pirate costume! That was probably still a little too much rum last night.But the pirate dog costume suits him very well, and now he begins to even talk.,,

The funny pirate dog costume fits dogs with a length of ca.50 cm.It is tied to the collar with a loop.On the costume, as well as on the bonnet of the famous Jolly Roger is shown, the collar is modeled on a red and white ruff.There are around to fix them at the top two cords on their caps.And with that owner can adapt his dog we have the right Pirates Herrenkostm and for the mistress Black Pearl Pirate Girl Costume.
Package included: 1 x Pirate Dog Costume
  • Content: Pirate, pirate cape
  • Color: Black / White / Red
  • Length: approx. 50 cm
  • Material: 100% Polyester