Scarecrow Scream mask

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Scarecrow Scream mask

Even the original Scream mask by the popularity of the horror film "Scream" to a Halloween classic become.

The well-known serial killers of the rotated by Wes Craven US cinema hit Scream is one of the most famous characters of the modern horror film and the favorite of all horror movie fans.The Scream Scarecrow Mask is intended to develop into a new classic among the Halloween and horror masks.

The film tells the story of a fictional small town in California, which is by a masked killer, through phone calls and threats that allude to famous movie scenes, terrorized.Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), whose mother was killed in the previous year, is the main character and the target of the killer.

Now here comes finally the mysterious and new Scream mask.The Scream Scarecrow mask is held in the form of a scarecrow with brown burlap cloth and burlap, making it all the more disturbing than the original.The Scarecrow Scream mask is an ingenious Halloween and horror mask at a favorable price!

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Material: plastic and burlap fabric