Monster Mask Frankenstein

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Monster Mask Frankenstein

Frankenstein's monster is the ultimate antihero of horror film. Here comes the mask of the poor creature with hair made of plush. 

The Frankenstein monster mask is a popular Halloween and horror event mask. A great mask to scare the living daylights out of your neighbours and friends.
Everyone knows the story of the pitiable monster created from body parts by the young and ambitious scientist Victor Frankenstein in order to create create a human being. The monster's charcteristic features like the flat head, the green skin and the big scar on the forehead were born with the first Hollywood movies based on Mary Shelley's novel. This full head mask of Frankenstein's monster is made of green latex and features syntheti8c hair made of black plush. Have a look at more horror masks like the Skinned Zombie Half Mask and the Evil Joker Horrorclown Mask in our great selection of masks.

Material: latex and polyester