Demon Pumpkin Mask Children

Item #: 14125

Demon Pumpkin Mask Children

Creepy Children mask for Halloween!

The pumpkin Child Mask is the perfect Halloween mask for children, because pumpkin faces are All Hallows Eve a real classic.He is not only carved as scary costume and pumpkin mask he is very popular.These vinyl mask is for the little Halloween fans exactly the right choice, if they like to roam as malicious vegetables.

Children masks like the demons Pumpkin children mask Grinning Pumpkin Child Mask and the Pumpkin Night Shadow Child Mask are very popular with children, because the vinyl mask covers the whole face, and takes our loved ones look scary.At the mask, a rubber band is attached, which is simply pulled over the head and promises a good grip.The orange color is not only the typical pumpkin color, but also to Halloween parties very popular.

Material: Vinyl

Warning Warning!
Not recommended for children under 3 years! Product contains small parts!