Clown mask Giggels

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Clown mask Giggels

Malignant Horror clowns as Giggels haunt like about Halloween in the circus!

This nasty Spassmacher Giggels is really no joke.The malicious laughter of gloomy clown mask Giggels is only the first indication of the insidiousness of circus clowns.has The vinyl mask of horror clowns a ferocious laugh with the last remaining teeth in the mouth and a split clown nose.Not even up the clown makeup, can hide the fact that the zombie clown nothing good is up to.

More Horror clown face masks as the Scary Gary Clown Mask or the Stalker Clown Mask will ruin once and for all the laughter and the biggest circus fan.

  • Material: vinyl
  • Size: Full head mask