Cave Demon Mask

Item #: 20670

Cave Demon Mask

This uneartlhy creature will make your blood curdle!

In the deepest darkest cave a creature is lurking....always hungry, always in search of human flesh.... It has demonic features and huge ram horns. So beware wanderer and don't get lost along your way!

The Cave Demon Mask is perfect for extra scary Halloween outfits. It has the features of a monstrous skull with huge fangs, ram horns and demon horns. Cracks in the skull and lots of other fantastic deatils make this latex mask a super special horror mask. Big eye holes make sure that you can see without problems.The Demon Hands Light Coloured and the Demon Trident Silver add the finishing touch to your demon look.

  • Includes: 1 x mask
  • Material: latex
  • Colour: beige/brown