Arab sheikh mask

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Arab sheikh mask

Mask up as ruler of 1001 Nights

At the word oil, we immediately think of the Arab countries, in oriental tales of 1001 nights and caravans transporting the fabled riches of the desert, to the next oasis.With the Arab Sheikh latex mask you maskierts yourself as a sheik and ruler of your own harem, where perhaps the I Dream of Jeannie Costume Large dancing for you.

The comfortable Arabs Sheikh mask captivates by the lovingly detailed elaboration, the beard of faux fur and the typical for Sheikh Sultan and headscarf.The special feature is the mandible associated with an elastic band that moved when speaking.Our Howl oween Wolf Mask or Chimpanzee mask Deluxe impress by the movable jaw.

1 x Arabian Sheikh mask

  • Color: Black / Brown / White
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: Latex & Art Hair