Shenara Maske

Item #: 15368

Shenara Maske

Realistic-looking woman mask for Travestieshow & crossdresser

Shenara, the high priestess of a secret, cruel African cult is the student of Sibell woman mask and sister of Women mask Naomi ,It supports to free their captors their teacher in the battle for your sister from the clutches.The sexy and seductive woman mask is a dream for drag artist, crossdressers, stage and theater.

The extremely realistic Shenara face mask is made of breathable, skin-colored foam latex.The soft, realistic woman mask has a very good fit and thus transmits a portion of the facial expression of the wearer.The foam latex mask is through their realist rule facial features so perfect that is the wearer a strange face available without it must be obvious to a mask! The face mask is handmade of very good quality and hand painted.

1 x Shenara Maske

  • Colour : Skin color
  • Size: Full head mask
  • Material: foam latex