Men mask made of foam latex

Item #: 15366

Men mask made of foam latex

With the men's mask, you play fast in a male role

The men mask made of foam latex allows you a quick transformation.The neutral facial expression of foam latex mask allows for different characters, whether as a nice young man from next door or professional criminals, anything is possible with the bald man's face mask. Realistic Men mask is through their realist rule facial features so perfect that the carrier is a strange face available without it must be evident to a mask!

Extremely realistic face mask made of breathable, skin-colored Foam latex.The soft, realistic facial mask has a very good fit and thus transfers a portion of the facial expression of the wearer.The Halloween mask is of very good quality, is of handmade and painted.The professional face mask is also often used by drag queens, in the CSD and in drag shows, as these may represent almost unlimited personalities with various wigs.Combine with Felix Men mask made of foam latex or draw a Night Slasher Mask through the night.

  • Material: foam latex
  • Size: full head