Black Clown Mask

Item #: 14540

Black Clown Mask

The black clown mask shows a blackface clown with nasty grin.

Who's afraid of the black man mask? The black skin coloring the clown mask is mean and sneaky.The white painted eyes and mouth emphasize the Mischievous expression in this fool's mask.This exceptional black clown mask made of foam latex is an ingenious counterpart to a colorful clown mask.

The tight-fitting black mask is hand painted, made of soft foam latex and provides maximum comfort.The evil clown mask is made conformable and breathable material and is not sweating so easily.The realistic-looking black clown mask reserves partly mimic the wearer.With the Black Smiley mask you're the joker sits where the straight face.The black clown mask is great for Halloween, Carnival or Mardi Gras.Combine the evil clown mask Slasher the Clown Costume or Edward Scissorhands Wig

Material: Foam Latex