Ashara mask

Item #: 15369

Ashara Foam Latex Mask

Ashara is a super realistic facial mask of soft foam latex

The twin sister of zweieige Sibell woman mask belongs to a completely different and yet mächtigerem witchcraft.She fought her sister with sensitive means that suffuse even the verwarzten members of a so cracked upper witch shiver of fear.

The Ashara Foam Latex Mask is an extremely realistic facial mask made of breathable, skin-colored Foamlatex.The soft, realistic facial mask has a very good fit and thus transfers a portion of the facial expression of the wearer.The foam latex mask is through their realist rule facial features so perfect that the carrier a strange face is available without it must be a mask apparently! The face mask is of very good quality, handmade and hand painted.

  • Material: foam latex