Flocked PVC Masks

Flocked PVC Masks are mainly made of PVC or papier maché. Most of them only cover a part of the face. Eye masks and half masks like the Zorror mask or the Phantom of the Opera mask are perfect for Carnival fans.

Flocked PVC Masks

With our Flocked PVC Massk it is super easy to turn into a famous movie character like Zorro or The Phantom of the Opera. Most flocked masks are made of papier maché or PVC. They are a perfect Halloween, Carnival and fancy dress accessory if you're looking for a practical, easy-to-do costume! You surely know from your own experience that it ususally is hard work to make up and invent cool Halloween or Carnival costumes. Flocked PVC Masks like a Zorro Mask or Phantom of the Opera Mask usually cover only a part of the face and are a great way to look good with minimum effort.  

A big effect with little effort

These face masks became famous with characters like Zorro or Catwoman or with the V for Vendetta Mask. Flocked PVC Masks are Halloween and Carnival masks are a simple way to look super cool effect with the least possible effort and without having to put on any makeup. Most Flocked PVC Masks are readily painted. They are made of robust plastic. They are easy to wear and can be reused as often as required. With a Flocked PVC Mask you can forget about all the makeup and costume stress and concentrate on more important things in life such as dancing, flirting and so on!

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